Colt Hack

Fight an alien invasion in a solarpunk future with the help of your personal AI spirit.
A kid-friendly TTRPG where you play as real-life woodland critters helping others.
Solo Dice Rock-Climbing Game
A dice minigame about risking it all.
Pull arrows out of yourself just to shoot them back, in this dice-swapping game for 2 players!
Survive alien corruption in this near-apocalyptic game about magic and survival
Play as monster hybrids in this expansion to Shattered Aether
Discover the global conspiracy around the new world, and try new classes for Shattered Aether
Anti-Magic fields and sleek sci-fi hide deep in this mysterious expansion to Shattered Aether.
Fight colossal monsters and play as Aetherborn in this dimension-shifting DLC
A L&F inspired high fantasy RPG system with magical creatures
Do your part in a Satirical TTRPG about war and movies.
Solitaire or Co-op simple dice café game!
An RPG SRD for your games!
Play as rebels with new classes, weapons, and powers in this expansion to Shattered Aether!
Science Fantasy Looter Shooter Illuminated TTRPG. Swords, Guns, Magic, Apocalypse.
Genetically modify little creatures to aid you in battle and exploration in this INT based class.
Roll Dice in this Apex Legends themed PvP or PvE Tabletop Experience
A party game for 2-6 where someone is a mischievous cat and everyone else are their owners.
A PvP Caltrop Core dice brawl about Kaiju smashing Cities
A rock-paper-scissors game with fun rules
A 2-page TTRPG where you are a capable bird helping critters
A TTRPG about Spies, Gadgets, and Guns

Shattered Aether

All official content for my magic-and-guns looter-shooter game.

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